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The Flat Foot® insole provides relief for people with low arches or flat feet. With a flattened arch and ankle rolled inward, the foot over-pronates. This faulty biomechanical action causes the various pains associated with having flat feet. The problems associated with over-pronation are prevented by the Flat Foot® Insole. The insole's patented design aligns the ankle and supports the foot from mid-stance to toe-off. People with low arches or flat feet who have been forced to live with foot, ankle, knee, and lower back pain no longer have to endure painful standing, walking, or running experiences.

Recommended for: Low Arch to Flat Feet


  • Full Length Insole - Can be trimmed down a half-size
  • Relieves pain caused by Flat Feet, Low Arches, Heel Spurs
  • Significantly relieves Lower-Back, Knee, Hip, & Foot Pain
  • Poron® Cellular Urethane provides shock absorption and comfort
  • Anti-Blister top cover layer provides cooler & drier feet
  • Anti-Friction/Anti-Microbial Layer layer keeps feet cool, dry, & odor free
  • Specifically designed for use during sports
  • Sold as a pair
  • Imported





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