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Kill 2 birds with 1 stone by using 10 Seconds® Shoe Disinfectant & Deodorizer to both obliterate any bacteria present and rid any odor in your footwear! As the only EPA approved shoe disinfectant, Shoe Disinfectant and Deodorizer is a hospital-grade, powerful formula, yet is safe to use to keep your...
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The only choice of industry professionals, Tenderly by Urad is manufactured in Italy for the sole purpose of softening leather that won't put up with greasy, wax-base polishes or other leather care products. Recommended for: All types of leather Pro-Tip: Mix with Urad Instant Leather Polish to both soften and...
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Manufactured in Italy, Oily by Urad is a unique formula crafted specifically for Matte & Non-Shiny leather as well as Nubuck. As an industry leader, Oily by Urad is used by shoe and leather care shops everywhere as it is the finest professional grade polish available. Recommended for: Nubuck, Matte, &...
Whether you are cleaning the Patent Leather of your Jordan Retros or a purse, Vernice by Urad is the industry's most reliable and trusted cleaner. Using only Vernice and a small cloth, even the most scuffed up Patent Leather shine like the day you got it. Recommended for: Patent Leather DESCRIPTION...
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The only choice of industry professionals, Grasso by Urad is specifically manufactured for Oily leather and is an all-in-one solution for leather care. Unlike beaver, seal, and mink oil, Grasso soaks and penetrates leather to protect it without leaving it sticky and/or greasy.  Grasso is the perfect all-in-one solution for boat shoes,...
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Cleaning your shoes like a professional has never been easier.  Shoe Cleaner by 10 Seconds® is the proven solution to clean leather, rubber, canvas, and synthetics. With its quick-acting foam solution, deep stains are lifted to the surface to ensure they are easily removed and your footwear looks fresh. Not for...
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Suede & Nubuck Cleaner by 10 Seconds® is the industry's proven solution to clean Suede and Nubuck like a professional.  The fast-acting and quick drying formula applies evenly and rejuvenates Suede and Nubuck to look new without affecting texture.  Recommended for: Suede & Nubuck Leathers DESCRIPTION Easy Do-It-Yourself Application Fast Acting & Quick...
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With its easy-release scrubbing brush, Gel Cleaner and Deodorizer by 10 Seconds® allows you to clean all of your canvas, rubber, nylon, vinyl, and synthetic athletic footwear like a professional. This formula stays exactly where you put it without any running and its no-rinse formula allows for application anytime, anywhere. Recommended...
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